Disaster Management

Success does not come by accident. Companies that survive natural or man-made disasters do so because they planned for business disruption and they implemented their contingency plans immediately.

Did you know it is a fact that 83% of all disasters are caused by man instead of nature? What does it take to stay among the businesses that survive? The time to devise a plan to handle an emergency is NOW! Remember…most emergencies occur when they are least expected. Preparing now actually provides for the timely handling of emergencies when they happen in the future. At Stratton Restoration, we know timing is crucial if injury, interruption and costs are to be kept as low as possible.

Because we are post Disaster Experts, we are using our skills and experience to offer PRE-DISASTER Management Planning. This is a complimentary service to all who are interested. We just want both business or home owners to be prepared.

  • Develop a written Plan of Action
  • Identify staff who would be essential
  • Conduct routine maintenance and eliminate safety hazards
  • Know where electrical and water power valves, switches and shut offs are located
  • Keep duplicated of all essential records such as personnel, payroll and payables at a safe offsite location
  • Pre-select your restoration contractor now