Stratton Restoration

Stratton Restoration is a full service restoration firm. In addition to disaster management, we handle all of your construction needs as well. You don’t need a disaster to use our construction services. We can handle all construction projects, large or small. Our quality service, trained employees, and large selection of products makes Stratton Restoration the best choice.

Our construction services include:

Our experience and resources allow us to deliver any project on time and on budget.

Rebuild/Update After a Disaster

After adisaster many restoration companies clean-up and then leave you alone to rebuild. Not Stratton Restoration. We will help you through the disaster recovery process from beginning and we will see it through to the end. Whether you want your property just the way it was or you want to update, we are here to provide that service.


When it is time to get a facelift we are here to provide superior service. What is your vision? What is important to you? We listen and we make it a reality.

Design and Consultation

At Stratton Restoration we combine technology with a personal touch. Our computer design program will allow you to see your vision come to life. Our design consulting staff will personally work with you to make you vision a reality.

Tenant Improvements

Commercial projects are a breeze at Stratton Restoration. You tell us what you need and we make it happen fast and on budget.


We can assist in preventing further damage to your property by:

Stopping The Source

We will identify the source of the problem and safely, quickly, and timely stop the source.


We will take all the measures possible to secure unsafe areas to prevent injury and secure all of your property from other damages such as Theft, Vandalism, Rain, Wind, etc…


We will restore power, water, and all other utilities required to prevent further damage to your property.

Going to Work For You

Our highly trained staff will expedite the remediation of your property with our advanced and efficient drying process. We will inventory, deodorize, pack out, and protect your property from further damage. We will also expedite the restoration process to reduce time and return your property to you timely so you can return to your daily life with very little hassle. We get you back in business FAST!